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Lurk Franklin delivers a legendary performance on The Late Night with Rex. Lurk is putting Las Vegas Culture on the map!

“Lurk Franklin is a legendary artist who has taken the city by storm. Tonight proves why he needs to be on your radar.”

— Rex

In Episode 3 of the first-ever independent Late Night show, For the Culture again brings the culture of Las Vegas to the internet! Episode 3 features Georgia born musician Lurk Franklin.

Lurk is a member of Sad Art here in Vegas and drops a new song every week. On this week’s episode, Lurk Franklin performs his hit singles “Runaround” and “Turf n’ Surf” and reveals how his rap name came into existence.

Episode 4 coming next week!

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Performer: @Lurk_Franklin

Hosted by @RexFromVegas

Shot/Edited by @HalfMutantFilms

Theme Song & live mixing by @RoiLorange

Created by @RexFromVegas

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