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Symptom the Band covers Rise Above by Black Flag

With everything going on, we at For the Culture have paired up with local band Symptom to present their emotion, raw and unfiltered. In this premiere FTC LIVE field recording, local punk band presents the feelings of the city of Las Vegas towards the oppression of the people. Symptom covers Black Flag’s song “Rise Above”, which is a song protesting police brutality and the oppression of the innocent. Symptom the Band has played at several FTC shows including the FTC Experience, back in 2019.

FTC wouldn’t exist without the contribution of the community and we are appalled at the police brutality that the city has let happen to innocent individuals. It is heinous and uncalled for. Worldwide, we stand with those who don’t have a voice.

While this is merely a contribution of content, we have had affiliates and writers at each and every protest.

Please donate to the links below and make your voice heard in the battle against treason.…
• Audio: @rexfromvegas •
• Video: @paul.e.gonzales •
• Editing: @danngrams •

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