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ftc luv u

Why We Created FTC

Howdy folks - this is a quick writeup of why and how we even made ftc. 

In the beginning fortheculture started in a boxing gym in eastside las vegas on a f-cking cold january evening (2019). 

The idea came from the original members Paul, Marco, and Dan going to local events and feeling uninspried. At the time all of us did creative stuff. I (paul) was making t shirts at the time under the name swisslakes. I really love that name. Dan was a newbie photographer/ videographer, and Marco was rapping. 

We all met at a beatstars meetup. Marco and I went because our homie MikeG invited us. To this day I think it's funny we all met at a producer meetup.

Our first show we had no idea what we were doing. Like absolutely no clue. We considered getting bubble machines, didn't know what a PA speaker was, and literally no one had ever heard of us. 

In the end we decided the most important thing was bringing as many creative people that inspired us together as possible. To this day this remains the big idea behind ftc.

Needless to say - the first show was a clusterf*ck

But - we had about a hundred people come out for that first FTC. That was all the start we needed. 

I think this is a nice start to the story. We might update this post to include more, or make an entire other post of it's own. 

At the end of the day ,,, 

ftc luv u . Thank you for reading our ramblings. 


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