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A Conversation with Me and My Kidney

Vegas Based Electronic Pioneer ‘Me and My Kidney’ sits down to For the Culture Las Vegas to talk inspirations, upcoming work, and much more..

Have you ever seen a 90s new wave Dutch film? You know, one of those movies where everything is lit like a neon gallery, characters are morally grey, and the soundtrack always has this whiplashing-ly hypnotic electronic sound that you can’t seem to find playing anywhere except in the background of the scenes? That untouchable sound born in some French closet and that now lives in a DDR cabinet in Tokyo. It gets your blood pumping, beads sweat onto your forehead, and fills your head with pretty boys and girls. 

Well, we aren’t in the Netherlands, nor some warm-lit club in Algeria, yet through the musings of Vegas’s Me and My Kidney, we can get transported there and everywhere with a single play of his music.

Inspired by rhythm game cabinets, 60s British Psychedelic , and the revolutionary Japanese electronic scene, Thomas, known widely as the mastermind behind Me and My Kidney, brings forth his own personal revolutionary sound. Tracks like “Visual1_M2” and “D/O/T” off of his ‘Nu Dreams Album’ do that statement more justice than my own words can. According to him, his story begins like it often does with a pure love for the worldwide musical movements of the 1960’s.

“I started playing guitar when I was around 8, my mom put me into classes then.” he tells me a few minutes before our interview, “I didn’t really get into music as much then, it’s when I started listening to those classic bands when I started getting a feel for what can be done.” 

In his own words, his music reflects a lot of his “nerdy” obsessions. He tells me about his experience in Japan and how that influenced a lot of said obsessions, “Nowhere else in the world can you find what you find in Japan.” Arcade dance games, the glitchy, avant-garde basement scene, and the aesthetic detail of production there fill his head with sonic wonder (and in turn, ours).

It’s understandable, his admiration, and his dream to one day be there for himself forever. But for now, we have him! What a beautiful thing that is too, because even as I write this, he is already bee-busy in releasing a new project, “Forest.” His sound is both skeleton-ambient and highly melodic. A sense of mathematical sensibility floods the highs of his songs, alluding and inspiring thoughts of the more melodic side of Aphex Twin. Don’t even get me started on the more experimental. He brews a howling, unique sound that echoes with the whispers of numerical bliss, all while still moving your bones and firing your neurons.

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