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5 Vegas Strains, 5 Vegas Activities

Dezert Skorpion takes us through a look at Vegas trees and great activities to go with them!

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Durban Poison & The Strip

Let’s address the elephant in the room first…

MOST people who visit our lovely city come to do certain things: explore the strip, explore downtown, party, and gamble.

That’s a lot to do on a 2-4 day weekend, right? Might be, might not be…

Whatever the case, you need the mental energy to soak it all in and have fun! Durban Poison is perfect for these activities because the high is non-sedative.

What you get when you smoke this strain is a mind sharpening and uplifting experience that will get you ready to paint the city your favorite color!

Mimosa & Enjoying Trails

Sometimes, we have to get away from the glamorous (and not so glamorous) parts of The Strip and Downtown.

Self-therapy is necessary in Las Vegas when the art/music scene is part of your lifestyle…

Cottonwood Canyon and Springs Preserve are two of my personal favorites.

The trails can extend as far as 3+ miles, which is perfect for a stoner. Since we are more than likely enjoying a nature trail during the early afternoon, let’s have an afternoon strain.

Mimosa is my strain of choice for enjoying the outdoors solitary.

You know how they say “there is no wrong time for a mimosa?” The same principle follows with this tasty strain. 

Gorilla Glue #4 & Kickbacks

If you’re a Vegas local, you know that kickbacks are a thing. Unwinding with your circle and having fun while listening to your favorite playlist is timeless and priceless.

This is also the time to bring out the big guns if you’re a cannabis connoisseur…

If you’re like me, get an original Backwood and roll up the tried and true: Gorilla Glue #4. Very tasty…. but will have you very attracted to couches.

Interesting conversations are sure to follow while you’re stuck there. Also, please don’t bother your friend if he’s sleeping, it leaves more for you. The glue is lovely. 

Gelato & Getting Creative

This is my favorite part of the entire article. I’m a rap artist and a music producer as well, so most creatives know that cannabis brings out your creativity as you are working on a project.

Me and many of my peers love to hang around the Arts District and participate in open mics. The Jam and Saturday Snaps are two of my personal favorites!

We need some rapper weed for this scenario. I’m going to listen to Young Dolph on this one: Gelato.

The strain is very tasty (just like ice cream), very sticky, has that “ooohwee” factor when it is smelled.

The high is heavy handed, but it keeps you mentally agile to create your best work! 

Cookie Face & Time to Feast

Yes. I know you are hungry. I’m also hungry as well as I’m typing this paragraph…

One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas is The Boiling Crab. Crabs, shrimp, crawfish, calamari, and wings (mmmmm). You really can’t go wrong with this place!

If you’re a health nut, The Juice Box LV is one of my favorite places as well! Wellness smoothies, wellness shots, and healthy entree options.

If you just want some classic soul food, Frydayz and Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles are amazing options you should consider!

If you want to really enjoy your food, we need the right strain, right? Cookie Face is the strain for that. Once you’re done with the session and the bud is burned, your stomach will be ready to attack your food of choice like a Spartan!

What next

Whether you’re here to enjoy the glitz of our lovely city, get creative, enjoy Mother Nature, hang out with your close friends, or pig out, there’s a strain for every scenario! Now, go to your favorite dispensary, grab one of these strains, and have fun!!!

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